The Future of Home Starts Today


What if we could predict the future? How would our industries, ecosystems and world change for the better? At SciFi D.I. — Design Intelligence for the Future of Home, transform the future from a question mark to a world of possibilities that you can act on today.

Join Singularity University Labs to experience the energy of intelligent ideation as you co-create with leading experts in futurism, science fiction, exponential  

technologies and industries that will play key roles in impacting our relationship with the home of 2030. Identify the tangible products and services that will shape the Future of Home, and our evolving relationship with how and where we live. Collaborate with this curated brain trust to turn your vision for the future into a narrative that serves as a dynamic call to action. At the end of this immersive two-part workshop, use the custom graphic novel as a launchpad to develop tomorrow’s innovations today.


Get ready to transport to a multiverse where ideation leads to action and the Future of Home starts now.



Part I: Flash Forward to the Future



Bodega Bay, CA



Explore the Future of Home through this exclusive two-day experiential workshop. Tap into the collective intelligence of our expert community as you design the products and services that will define our relationship with “home” in 2030. More than a meeting of the minds, this workshop is a launchpad for the co-creation and ideation that will shape the Future of Home across industries and cultures. Get ready to experience hands-on activities that ignite your imagination and bring the future into focus.


Part II: Bring the Future to Life


Singularity University
Mountain View, CA


Reconvene for an unparalleled science fiction event that gives new meaning to design intelligence. During Part II, witness your Future of Home come to life as science fiction writers and artists unveil storyboards for a graphic novel inspired by your ideation in Part I. Draw from this emerging narrative as you partner with innovators across sectors and draft a plan that transforms ideas for products and services into an actionable future.

Bonus: All participants will receive the completed graphic novel depicting the group’s Future of Home in early 2016



An Immersive Venue


Bodega Bay Lodge
Rich with natural beauty and pristine accommodations, the Bodega Bay Lodge will transport you to an immersive, secluded environment where invention and co-creation know no bounds.