At SciFi D.I., you will harness the vision of science fiction and the power of Design Intelligence as you shape the Future of Home with dynamic co-creators.


The Vision of Science Fiction

Through the vision of science fiction, tap into an innovation that’s unconstrained by time and space. More than a mere genre, science fiction is a deliberate innovation tool that transports us to a mindset in which possible futures are visualized and actualized through exponential technologies and futurist insights.


Graphic Novel as a Persuasive Tool

This powerful storytelling medium enables the audience to suspend dis-belief and focus on future possibilities. Proven to be a successful presentation tool used to secure management support, graphic novels effectively showcase the products and services envisioned and communicate the roadmap to the future.

The Power of Design Intelligence

As an innovator, you have a choice to create with intention or create by default. By tapping into the potential of Design Intelligence, you unlock your ability to solve complex challenges purposefully and creatively. Experiment with unexpected variables, embrace the future’s ambiguity, harness science fiction’s foresight and soak up inspiration from expert co-creators as you think to build rather than build to think. The result? Thoughtful design that’s out of this world.


The Future of Home

What will “home” look like in 2030? What technology, products and services will shape our evolving relationship with how and where we live? Use the collective intelligence of our diverse experts as a launchpad to expand your vision for “home” as it applies to industries and ecosystems of the future.


Dynamic Co-Creators


Bring the future
to your organization

SciFi D.I. delivers tangible innovation and future-forward insight that you won’t find anywhere else.

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